James 'Dan' O'Donnell

James 'Dan' O'Donnell

Your Story...

I will not bore you with my life experiences! We all have them, and if you need to know, I can certainly sit down and fill you in. What you are probably looking for, is a photographer that knows what they are doing, and understands, and loves working with others. That is who I am!

The photography I create is two-fold. It is an expression of my experience of the moment, and my way of conveying that experience to the viewer.

As a photographer of people and events, my goal is to give my customers the story of their event in pictures. Now, tomorrow, and in the distant future, my goal is for my photos to renew your experience and memories of your special day!

I work diligently, and with an eye for detail, to capture all those little things that may get missed by the inexperienced. Whether your event is Crazy Fun, or Sunday Serious, I know what needs to be done to get the photos you are looking for!

What is your story?

Let me sit down and discuss what your event means to you, and how I can capture your story, so we create the photos that will be cherished for generations!