Yosemite in February...

Recently took a quick winter trip to Yosemite Valley with my wife Marilyn and good friends and photo partners Bob and Jill.

Bridalveil creek about 500 feet below Bridalveil falls in Yosemite Valley.

Our "mission" was to shoot the sunset at Horsetail falls, but since we were there on a busy Presidents day weekend, we decided not to wait for hours so that we could have a good spot to capture the "event". With our limited time, we decided to travel around and shoot what we could.

Yosemite Valley, like many of our beautiful parks, offers so many great vistas, no matter what time of day or how many people are there.

The attached photo was taken at Bridalveil creek about 500 feet from the base of the falls just before noon. So even with thousands of visitors, and waiting room only in the bridalveil parking lot, I was still able to create a photo space of my own.

Have fun creating you own photos...