Early to bed, early to...

The other morning I left early to catch the sunrise out at Shell Creek Rd., where the local NANPA meetup group was to meet at 7 am. The purpose of the meet was to photograph flowers during the Carrizo Plains “superbloom”. I arrived at about 6:15am at the spot I thought would be good for a sunrise photo. I had only expected to get the oak tree as my foreground, but was happy to see I had some great groupings of flowers I could photograph. The air temperature was 34º, but that didn't keep me from laying prone on the ground to capture the photo in this post. (OHHH the pains of photography… LOL)

Around 6:50am I drove back to the Meetup spot and met with the small group of photographers who were all in for the day's great Wildflower adventure.

Thanks for viewing, have a great day!