Getting Ready for Weekend Workshop.

Tomorrow, Saturday January 31, 2015, I will be joining my 2 photography partners Bob Canepa and Jill Waterbury for our "Digit-All Photography Workshop". This will be the first photography workshop held at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. We are looking forward to sharing our Photography knowledge with the workshop participants. Light, Composition and Exposure are our main topics of discussion. Our focus is making the craft and art of photography easier to navigate. 


Bob, Jill and I are always looking for the easiest and best way to get the photo results we are looking for in our work. The 3 of us have spent countless hours with theory and real world scenarios, creating photographs. We expect through this workshop to not only pass information we have learned to the participants, but to continue in our own learning, and create the dialog that helps us all in our photographic growth.

If you are still interested in learning the fundamentals of photography, we have a couple of spaces open. You can contact to join us.

I'm looking forward to reviewing our workshop in an upcoming blog.

Have a wonderful day...


Spring will be Here Soon!

I know, it's the middle of January, and maybe a little early to be talking about spring. (Although I do live in California and seems like spring right now!) But now is the time to start getting that photo gear and trip planing ready for the spring wildflowers.

Wildflowers cycle in the way they grow. It is not every year that you have a large crop of beautiful flowers spreading across the countryside. My observations over the last 20+ years have been that every year there are small groupings of flowers in many areas that make great photographs.

If you need to improve your photo skills in preparation for the wildflower season, come join Bob Canepa, Jill Waterbury and I for our Digit-All Workshop on Saturday, Jan 31, 2015 and Sunday Feb 1, 2015, at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. We can answer those questions that will help in creating beautiful spring photographs.