San Luis Obispo

Working with Light.

Photography is all about the light. We all know that without light we would not have photography, or any other visual sensation for that matter. In photography, sometimes we fall short of having enough or the right amount of light. So this is when post processing gives me the opportunity to correct my photo, and give it the light I was envisioning when I took the picture.

Before and After

The photos above are an example of putting my vision into effect. The top photo (original), was taken around mid-day. The sign was on the north side of the building in the shadows. When I saw this sign with the spot light fixture above it, my mind saw this light on at night, and shining on the sign. I knew I could re-create the look without having to go back at night to re-shoot the image. So, in my post processing I sent the image to photoshop and strategically placed the light where I  had envisioned it, (bottom photo).

This is a fairly simple technique, yet can add a little drama to an otherwise plain image. Learning a few simple photoshop techniques can help in giving your images more sparkle and life. Try it. 

Getting Ready for Weekend Workshop.

Tomorrow, Saturday January 31, 2015, I will be joining my 2 photography partners Bob Canepa and Jill Waterbury for our "Digit-All Photography Workshop". This will be the first photography workshop held at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. We are looking forward to sharing our Photography knowledge with the workshop participants. Light, Composition and Exposure are our main topics of discussion. Our focus is making the craft and art of photography easier to navigate. 


Bob, Jill and I are always looking for the easiest and best way to get the photo results we are looking for in our work. The 3 of us have spent countless hours with theory and real world scenarios, creating photographs. We expect through this workshop to not only pass information we have learned to the participants, but to continue in our own learning, and create the dialog that helps us all in our photographic growth.

If you are still interested in learning the fundamentals of photography, we have a couple of spaces open. You can contact to join us.

I'm looking forward to reviewing our workshop in an upcoming blog.

Have a wonderful day...